Of all the stories that need to be told

Okay, Facebook and Instagram, you took away one of my healthiest habits in the whole internet thing, which is writing about my journey. But, once more, I am trying to rescue it. It IS important enough to keep trying. Even if people in this world of instant gratification do not have a lot of patience for words, it is important to me. It is delightful and gratifying when I read what I wrote years back; it gives me perspective and hope and keeps me in track with my truth.

It is a shame that today it happens to be exactly two years from my last entry. Two. Entire. Years.

I did a lot during these years, but not even close to what I wanted or expected to do. And when 2017 started and I was done with the Beyond the Sea (Seattle) and Beneath the Tumult (Portland) shows, I knew I had to change a lot of things about my art and the way I’ve been conducting business, dealing with galleries, and other not-so-glamourous sides of being a full time artist – and, believe me, aside from creating art, practically all the rest goes in this category. I was absolutely fed up with a lot of things.


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Progress of “Offering”, created for “Beneath the Tumult”, at Talon Gallery, Portland.


As I grow older, I get less and less interested in bringing more chaos and confusion to my life, which is not an easy task. I have SERIOUS problems attempting to get organized and establishing methodologies of living, so the best option to guarantee my sanity is keeping everything around to a minimum. So my show rhythm had to be reduced. I was making about 10 shows a year, which is almost one per month; and with my decreasing interest for the pop surrealism scene (a niche I was inserted in pretty much by chance, due to the illustrative character of my work) and the changes in the art market, with brick-an-mortar gallery shows being pretty much a bad business A LOT of the times, I decided to decelerate. And breathe.

So lately my reason to wake up in the morning is to do exclusively figurative/abstract work. I want to take time for exploration and discovery, because that’s what art is all about.

The exploration is also inside. Because although I love to make narrative art about other worlds, I also want to look within and bring the pieces of myself I never talk about to light. So the body of work I’ve been creating lately it’s more about my own stories, mark making, and mood. It is not a new thing, and if you have followed me for a while you know I have, since the beginning, flirted with this type of freedom, but I think it is getting more courageous now.

As artists, what makes our work unique is all the stories of the inside that need to be told.


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That doesn’t mean I will be leaving the illustration realm so soon, since there are stories that are better told using the tools of symbolic and surreal imagery. I have a type of freedom with illustrative work that I don’t have with the paintings, and vice-versa, and I want to keep the experience of both worlds. They are temporarily out of the website since the plan is to give them a home of their own. I don’t intend to display them in shows anymore unless I have a very good reason or a very good proposal for such.

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