about Waterlily

Waterlily was a nice surprise to me since I got to believe I was not able to work in soft colors anymore. I’ve been pursuing a dreamier, cleaner and suave style for a while and it suddenly came to life with this work. again, I got to achieve exactly what I wanted just by working with no sense of compromise or preoccupation with quality or symbolic purpose. I suspect I’m getting closer to something very exciting right now… :)h

another thing it’s been difficult to control is the complexity of certain subjects I plan to work on. they end up too detailed and because of those I run away from my stylistic aspirations. so I have to learn how to express exactly what I want using few but powerful elements. exactly due to this complexity that doesn’t please me anymore I had to set my recent piece Our Lady of the Angels-Gone aside. I think it needs more study, and the colors for some reason don’t seem right.

let’s keep on experimenting then…

2 thoughts on “about Waterlily

  1. Ariel this is waterlily is stunning, i love the mix of light and dark & the delicacy you have achieved! Experimenting…. now there is a word, i have laid aside so many pieces this past weeks as i struggle to achieve the style i seek, and am just now working on 3 versions of the same. thank you so for the reminder, it is good to experiment & is indeed the only way forward x

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