“Aeon” limited edition by Rhino Barking Sparrow

Rhino Barking Sparrow is releasing today a limited edition run (10 prints) of Aeon, a piece I created especially for the Tremendum Fascinans show, last December in Seattle. It was a nice surprise to hear of their interest in making a print out of that piece, because, and not sure why, I never thought that Aeon could make good  print material, and I am glad RBS proved me wrong. When I received the proof in the mail I was amazed by how the dense pencil textures looked like in print, and even the gold foil details translated well.


Aeon, graphite and charcoal on paper. 18″ x 24″. Copyright Patricia Ariel

So I thought it would be a good idea to write about the concept behind Aeon.

The largest drawing I ever created (18″ x 24″ inches to be exact, which it is a nice evolution from a life of small pieces) was modelled by artist and muse Hannah Haddix , from a photo taken by Justin  for one of his ongoing photographic projects. Hannah has the thelemic hexagram tattooed in one of her arms and that inspired me to portray her first as the goddess Nuit, an important entity in the mythology of Thelema ; then she became Isis, the mother of heavens, and I gave her her son Horus shapeshifted as a falcon. And concept morphed into something a little more complex.


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Thelema divides the history of humankind in periods called Aeons. The first, the Aeon of Isis, was characterized by a more matriarchal type of society, in which the Earth and its cycles were revered in the form of a nurturing Great Goddess. The second period is the Aeon of Osiris, in which society becomes patriarchal and ruled by the principles of the masculine, and the idea of the dying-and-rising god. The third aeon, or Aeon of Horus, is the period in which humankind will become more aware of their spiritual essence and walk faster into their self-actualization and the truth of their communion with the Universe. This aeon is already showing its lights, as more and more people become more conscious of their role in changing the system and of how the old structures (of power, education, faith, etc) need to be replaced for others that can provide a more meaningful and wholesome existence.

From times to times the Earth receives great Masters that decide to come to us to help us find our way toward our destiny. In the Western world, the greatest of them was Master Jesus. Jesus taught us the way of tolerance, compassion, and respect.  He told us we are all gods.

Peregrine falcon Horus carries a thorned sacred heart, the symbol given to Master Jesus by Christianity. He brings the message of the divine inheritance. And the way to reclaim this right is through transcendence of our manly/material nature; through love, courage (find yourself!) and compassion. The teachings of the masters converge to this big truth.

In the drawing, Isis also represents the “return of the Goddess”: we need to heal the imbalances of the masculine in our society to open up again to the gifts of giving, an attribute of the feminine. (And  when I say “masculine” and “feminine”, I am not talking about genre, but polarities. And that, my friends, is a conversation for another occasion…)

As you see, there’s a lot of food for thought in just one piece of artwork. I could just stay here writing and writing about all the avenues that it takes.

Aeon is still available as original – contact me if you are interested since it is not listed in the store. Prints by Rhino Barking Sparrow can be found here .

"Aeon" by Patricia Ariel

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