About Ariel

Visual poet.

Origins 4

Watercolor and pencil on board.11 x 142009 $280 Model: Adhara Batul Life came from many seas. Seas of deep blue and secrets unknown that keep myriads of bacteria and beginnings. Seas of wombs and their sacred silence. Seas of past and forgetfulness, alive in the depths of our souls, dark and mysterious.

The Peacock

Watercolor, gouache and pencil on board,11 x 142009 $250 Model: Kambriel One of my latest passions is the symbolism of the peacock, and how it has been associated to immortality and renewal. His feathers were used as talismans and protection against evil spirits. In the Eastern traditions it has been seen as symbols of wisdom, benevolence, compassion and kind-heartedness. The “eye” in the peacock feather is associated to the pineal gland, making of it a sacred symbol. Through the development of the pineal gland one can awake the Kundalini and […]

The Calling 2

Watercolor, gouache and pencil on board,11 x 142009 $280 The heart has a voice and a music, the same ones your spirit have recognized for many ages. The voice of your heart is the voice of freedom. Through it you’ll be able to find yourself and find your inner God. Let that voice be heard, recognize yourself as the creator of your own reality. Put aside all the masks they have made you wear in order to belong to the illusions they created. Don’t waste your life living them. Be […]

new pieces finished

almost dead. and after a lot of struggle I finally managed to finish my three new pieces. these last weeks have not been the easiest ones, I must say. bad eyesight, artistic crisis, improvement work around the house – have had to work hearing the bum bum of hammers all day long. but art prevailed, and the pieces got done in time for the show – yep, I’ll be at Common Grounds this weekend. last night I even had a little time to change the blog look. and planning a […]