second panel finally in progress

I must confess I am proud of this one. 🙂 Ignis Aeris is the right panel of The Waterman triptych. it represents the elements Fire and Water, or the yang ones. the left panel will be called Terrae Aquae, and it will represent the ying elements Earth and Water. I didn’t intend to use too much symbolism in the side panels, since they are supposed to “frame” the main one, which I decided to call Unio Mystica (this is the very own you’ve been watching for a while, with the […]

work in progress: the waterman IV

have not progressed significantly on The Waterman, since I’ve been distracted by domestic issues and also by the making of my new website. the piece also came out with more details than I was expecting, and this is always very time-consuming. I’ve been enjoying working at it, although I tend to slow down when I take too long in a piece. decided to change the little fishes at the bottom. I didn’t like the former ones, which were more abstract. I think I should start working in the other panels […]

postcards are here!

they arrived yesterday, and I am amazed by the excellent quality of the job (sorry for the crappy pictures, my camera is not being very cooperative to me lately): absolutely no flaws to report, all came up just like I designed and the material and colors are absolutely fine. I’m just excited to start spreading them around! and when the service is good (and the prices unbeatable), I feel pleasured to recommend: Ps Print.

the Divine is naked. 1

now I guess I can show the very beginning of my new creative effort, a project I’ve been cherished for a while, and that I decided to call The Waterman. I told my husband the other night: “I want to paint Jesus naked.” he just responded, after some of his characteristic little jokes, “just go ahead, my dear. you have my support.” I had confessed him that I had some apprehensions about it. not really religious ones, since I am not a Christian and I do not worship deities, but […]