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watercolors on sale and getting ready for the Solstice

the spirit of the Solstice and of my coming birthday descended over me and I decided to cut off on the prices of my watercolor on paper paintings and commissioned portraits. the paintings are now listed at $60 each (old price: $100 – 120.) I really want them to go. the comissioned astroportraits cost now $200, 9 x 12, full color (it was $230). but notice that I’ll be accepting commissions of portraits just from mid July. I’m also thinking what will be my Summer Solstice present to all the […]

Tree of Life – how a painting is born : bringing the painting to life 1

well, I must confess I am not being able to match the rhythm of the making of Tree of Life with my blogging. the painting is somewhat advanced now and on the blog it barely received the underpainting! so now let’s try to catch up. after the first underpainting I realize that the tree has no masculine elements, which is a very necessary thing to create life. first I think about drawing penises confounding with the branches, but I find that horns would be more symbolic and elegant. after all, […]

Ebay – goldmine for artists?

and then I decided to give Ebay a try, after a dozen stories of artists that take part of their incomes out of Ebay sales and the such. picked 2 watercolors on paper, Flourish and Totem #1, normally priced at $100, and set the starting bid price at $50, plus $20 for shipping and handling. my sincere opinion is that the auctions won’t be succeeded. I’m not a well known artist, and I don’t have how to compete with several other paintings being offered by shameful prices like $10, $6,99 […]

Tree of Life – how a painting is born, part 4 1

now my sketch is pretty much ready to receive its first watercolor wash. so let’s start with an underpainting on the background, which works very well to help me define a pallete for my piece. it’s easy to get crazy with so many colors in front of you and wanting to experiment and mix and create a color extravaganza, but better take it easy. I try to limit my pallette the most possible so I won’t get overwhelmed and get into more problems to solve. this panel is all about […]

Tree of Life – how a painting is born, part 3 1

after several studies in my sketchbook, I finally got tired and decided to go for action. you can’t waste a lot of time in studies, or you’ll go nuts. to find the perfect images it’s an illusion, for you’ll evolve, change your tastes and style. if you spend too much time looking for perfection, you’ll never complete a work. besides, the final result will never match exactly what you’ve planned. things go changing as long as the colors come; you add something here, you take something there, you’ll never know […]