the scream is finished… but not totally here yet 2

I finally finished The Scream today. as I was not able to scan it, I’m posting the last pics from the process.  I really liked the way the top of the picture came out. the red stripe with white flowers in the black hair, on a warm colors background (not visible in details here) sort of look like Japanese art, which I enjoy very much. that was not my intention tough, but probably I’ll start doing more things in the same style.


taking advantage of a weird cold + baby’s fever to change the blog’s layout. in general I prefer clean and minimal layouts, mainly when it’s a blog containing so much visual information, but I liked this one. 🙂

ascension 3

Ascension was finally finished today, after some days of deserved rest – and even a little frustration. I had loads of problems with the background, but I think that I managed to fix them. I got so happy with the final result that I’m seriously thinking about using this image in my promo postcard. Ascension was painted and repainted a couple times in watercolor paper before I get to this version. I had initially planned something more ethereal and soft for the deeply spiritual concept, but the colors started to […]

in the skin.

last week I received by email a photo that made me feel very flattered. yep, it’s one of my works, The Chemistry. it was picked by sweet Michelle, an inspired artist from California, to become a tatoo. she told me that she saw herself “reflected in the piece”, and that for me is really really rewarding. in fact, inspiring people with my work is the main reason why I do it. it’s priceless to see that somebody felt so touched at the point of registering it in her own skin. […]