New work: “Kaleidoscope”

Oil on panel 12″ x 16″ 2017 @ Patricia Ariel   shattering unveiling a heart that falls to color echoing like lethal glass a puzzle of one thousand souls waiting for the many dreams that will lay on her deathbed.   ORIGINAL AVAILABLE

Of all the stories that need to be told

Okay, Facebook and Instagram, you took away one of my healthiest habits in the whole internet thing, which is writing about my journey. But, once more, I am trying to rescue it. It IS important enough to keep trying. Even if people in this world of instant gratification do not have a lot of patience for words, it is important to me. It is delightful and gratifying when I read what I wrote years back; it gives me perspective and hope and keeps me in track with my truth. It […]

Catching up

Seems that next semester is going to be a especially busy one! Among shows, classes, projects, studio practice (been deep into the exploration of new processes, including non-representational art), I’ve been trying to maintain focused on the things that matter the most for now. Shows. I have a few very cool shows going on this year (actually more shows than I like to commit to in the same amount of time,) but a couple of them are especially exciting. I am very happy to have been chosen to compose the […]

Essentia: Terrae, Patricia Ariel

Joining Patreon artists: a new adventure

I first heard about Patreon several months ago; i visited their website very quickly just to absorb one or two pieces of information and find it a great idea. At that time I was starting to be very concerned about how the Changing Woman project was going (no goal reached = not enough money to keep going and reward backers as planned) and did not want to launch another campaign to ask for fanbase financial support. So I rapidly shelved the idea. Early this year, with the changes on Facebook […]

“Myth, Magic and Lore” at Bash Contemporary

Bash Contemporary in San Francisco, CA is showcasing “Myth, Magic & Lore”, a group show about a contemporary perspective on mythological themes. being a recurrent theme in my work since childhood, that could not be less than exciting and also very comfortable. and then i decided to revisit all the vast mythological/spiritual/folkloric diversity and beauty of my homeland and opted for drawing a Yoruba goddess, Oshun, deity of love, wealth, and beauty. and here’s some of the progress pics:     and here’s the finished piece, in its refurbished vintage […]