so, it’s time to go ahead with my nomadic life, which means i am moving again! and to help cover my moving expenses, i am launching a Drawing-a-Day project in which i will be creating a new drawing every day all through April. drawings will measure 7″ x 5″ each, made on illustration board or Canson Miteintes, and will ship matted. and they will cost only $50 dollars + shipping ($10 to US, $15 everywhere else.) at the end of the project, I will draw a name from everybody who […]

She, who walks among the dead 3

Mixed media on panel 16″ x 20″ 2012 “Inner Self-Portrait” group show, 2012  Price TBA sailing through the depths of a blue hope she moves across vague oceans in nudity, darkness, divinity, communing with demons and serpents, sleeping with angels and devas, grabbing words brought from the invisible. heart is the same that sees through the mists, guiding bare steps through the inner abyss. she is Persephone in the Underworld, dying and being reborn a thousand times, bringing the hope of a million Springs and the interlude of Winters. fingers […]

Inner Self Portrait Show 3

i am honored by being invited as part of one more exhibition of The Forgotten Goddess project. the show, called Inner Self Portrait, will display artworks from victims of domestic violence alongside other women artists from all over the world. the proceeds will benefit Haven Hills, California company that provides shelter and support for victims of domestic violence. i consider myself a person of so many facets that is quite difficult to paint a self portrait that would involve everything i would like to express. to paint my “inner self portrait” at this […]

Interviews 2

i was interviewed by two awesome websites last week. Creatrix, new blog of my friend and artist Tammy Mae Moon, is a site focused on the experience of being an artist and a mother. if the life of an artist has its own challenges, when you have a walking masterpiece around things can get a little more hectic. a new artist will be featured every week to share her experience on the subject. XLegion is an art project that explores the dark side in art  (probably the first folks to openly […]