Tree of Life: second attempt 4

in a couple weeks I’ll be for the third time displaying my work at the Lexington Bluegrass Pagan Pride festival. this year I’ll be showing five pieces along with Tammy Wampler and other artists in a show named Web of Life. creation, cycles of life and the Divine Feminine are some of the subjects of the artworks to be displayed in the show. I’m happy for once more collaborating to this beautiful event. taken by the Pagan spirit, I decided to give another try to my Tree of Life painting. […]

back. 2

home again, after one week wrapped up in the coziness of my in-law’s house. enjoyed time reading Joseph Campbell, eating a lot of cheesecake, studying sacred geometry, eating more cheesecake, and doing mandala art. this one took me to an exciting experience, which I’ll share later. for now I have a lot to organize around here – and of course, a diet to start off…

away for a short while 2

leaving tomorrow for my in-laws. one week away from domestic routine, hooray! no internet access, so all I want to do is to work in some new sketches and read. dunno if I’ll be able to do all I want – one week is not much and I still have to take care of my baby. above, the project I am leaving home to continue working on when I come back. it’s called Padma (lotus, in sanscrit), and I am loving the ethereal purple and pink. can’t wait to finish […]

calling all the aquarian folks 1

I have pushed the start button for my new project, The Aquarian Eye, which idea has been developed in conjunction with my friend Julia, a collage artist from UK. the project intends to give exposure to visionary/sacred artists through interviews and publishing articles exploring art and spirituality. more ideas are popping out. we’re starting with a blog and Twitter, soon expanding to Facebook. I’m excited to pick the artist that is going to open our features! if you are a visionary artist or have something valuable to share in the […]

"I am half sick of shadows" 3

Mixed Media (Watercolor, gouache, graphite and colored pencil) on board, 9 x 12 2009 $15 Model: Adhara Batul Illustration for a brief moment in the Tennyson’s poem “The Lady of Shalott”.