starting new artwork, in spite of some dark clouds

these have been strange days of lethargy and sickness around the house. first baby, then me, then my husband. according to my researches on the symptoms, it seems like a “family” gastroenteritis. I still feel nauseous and weak. baby looks better, my husband doesn’t seem very fine yet. I was working in my new piece yesterday when I started to feel real bad and had to leave the board. freaky. my new work is called The Waterman and it is intended to be a triptych. I wish I could get […]

love my artwork?

…so now you can find products featuring my illustrations and paintings on RedBubble. they have greeting cards and different types of prints, including matted and framed. new additions will be done in the future. go visit! and don’t forget to spread the word…

do it yourself: photo references 3

most times, figurative artists need good human body references for their paintings and drawings. having a live model is just awesome, but when you cannot afford one, a fair photograph do the trick. and when you don’t have photographs available (and you don’t want to use that one you found on the web without permission, do you?), what do you do? well, in my case, I just apply some foundation on my face, put on a funny head band that keep my hair off my face, set up my home […]

em bom Português.

to my Brazilian readers: no need of trying to follow my broken English anymore. the posts are being now translated to Portuguese on my other blog, Inspirais. see you there, and hope you all enjoy it! para meus leitores brasileiros (sim, eu sei que alguns de vocês tem estado por aqui com uma certa frequência. obrigada a todos!): não é mais necessário tentar acomponhar meu broken English. os posts estão agora send traduzidos para o português no meu outro blog, o Inspirais. vejo vocês por lá!

my first promo postcard

I’ve spent almost all day (and when I say “all day” I mean the time I reserve for working, between my usual domestic chores) working on my promo postcard. as I said before, I chose my piece Ascension to the front of the card. I think that piece is very representative of my style – colorful, theatrical, and it has lots of abstract shapes, along with the strongly spiritual concept. I know that maybe it’s a little early to make a promo postcard, but I wanted to take advantage of […]

about "The Scream"

i explained in this post a little of what lead me to make The Scream. it’s basically a piece about violence against women, a subject that really sensitizes me not only for being a woman, but also for being human and for dreaming and working for a better world based on respect and equality. my first certainty about this work, in my brainstorm, was that I didn’t want a piece that was oppressing or showed only the pain of the violence or abuse. I wanted something that could have a […]