Ascension and The Scream.

I’ve been able to accomplish more than I expected these last days and I’m happy. sometimes I think there’s some kind of magic around here that makes me able to do so much and being a mother at the same time. “Ascension” is almost done. it lacks only a few details now. I decided to cut off some inches of board at the sides since I wanted to “lighten up” the figures and all that blue and violet in their hair. I committed the mistake of using too much warm […]

back to walk.

the days pass by and the pain gets minimized. what is fear becomes hope, and while the bad remembrances go fading we become more confident. my little one is recovering amazingly well, I must say. in the days that followed the accident she was already full of life, playing and running around the house – and making us crazy with fear that something bad could happen again. I spent almost one week with uncomfortable, unpleasant kind of post traumatic stress emotions. but today I grabbed my brushes to try to […]

a break for not very happy reasons.

things are not going very well here. my little daughter suffered a domestic accident and got very hurt. sorry, but I won’t give many details, just want to say that was sort of serious and a really really hard time. after nearly 3 days in the excellent UK Children’s Hospital, where she had exemplary treatment, we could finally come back home with hopes that the worse has already passed. after all that happened I must say that it is a miracle to have my baby with us doing as well […]

work in progress: Ascension II

the figure on the top looks shamelessly like me since I’ve been posing for my paintings more often lately. no problem, I like to sit for myself. but the figures are becoming too much alike me, and this is why I am in desperate need of models who can make sort of performatic poses. anybody?

unfinished projects.

I wanted to show off two of the paintings I’ve done (and have not finished yet) after all the experimentation I’ve been through. in these paintings abstractionism started to become very evident as a style. I don’t know if they really lack something, I’m going to check them out more carefully in a near future. Flourish is about to let your talents and everything strong and positive inside you to come out and make of you a reference and inspiration for everybody else. simply as that. so many people are […]