on the process of making art: inspiration 2

in the last weeks i have been pretty much watching the world in the perspective of my bed. this last edition of the flu is not fun. a deceptive illness that makes you fell miserable for a few days, then when you think everything will be okay, you are thrown in bed again. just in time for the group show “Tarts, Trollops, and Tramps” to which i had planned some cool pieces with a cool concept i had developed just for the show, but that i was just too miserable […]


  Oil and acrylic on masonite14″ x 18″2012 Original available. Please inquire. Copyright Patricia Ariel


Oil and acrylic on canvas 24″ x 18″ 2012 Copyright Patricia Ariel $400 Available here

and so it begins…

i know, a turn in the calendar doesn’t change much. my philosophy is that everyday is time for a change. or every hour. minute. we are changing every second, even when we do not realize. life is movement and progress, nothing is static. but i enjoy to add my hopes and wishes of a good year to the millions of similar thoughts that float around the planet ever December/January. we need positivity. and we need lots of them. i have been out of town since mid December and have not seen […]