Essentia: Terrae, Patricia Ariel

Catching up

Seems that next semester is going to be a especially busy one! Among shows, classes, projects, studio practice (been deep into the exploration of new processes, including non-representational art), I’ve been trying to maintain focused on the things that matter the most for now.

Shows. I have a few very cool shows going on this year (actually more shows than I like to commit to in the same amount of time,) but a couple of them are especially exciting. I am very happy to have been chosen to compose the line-up of Phantastische Venus, first show in Germany to reunite only female artists in the field of fantastic realism. There are some great names in it like Amanda Sage, Carie Ann Baade, Martina Hoffman, and Laurie Lipton, so I feel very flattered but also incredibly humbled.

The piece that was chosen to be displayed in the show is “Essentia: Terrae”, that I created over one year ago and ended up keeping out of the shop and even not creating a big buzz around. My idea was to draw three more self-portrait pieces depicting the four elements (“Terrae” is the earth piece), which did not happen so far. Hope it finds a good home in the Old World.

Essentia: Terrae, Patricia Ariel

Essentia: Terrae

Phantastiche Venus will happen in the city of Viechtach, Germany, and will open on July 24th, running until the end of October.

The other is my first two persons show, “Heaven & Hell”, featuring yours truly + adored friend/role model/neighbor sex expressionist Steven Johnson Leyba. My pieces intend to be a reflection about heaven and hell as states of mind and spirit, opposed to the old idea of them being actual physical places. We created an event page on Facebook to share the process of creation of the show. Heaven & Hell will happen at Hyaena Gallery in Burbank, California. Show opens on October 10th and runs until October 31st.

Heaven & Hell

Print releases. I have two super limited edition print releases coming up on July 3rd: Oshun and Wocekyie. They are both being released in editions of 10, hand embellished in golden acrylic paint, so each print will be pretty much unique. They will never be released again in print either, not in this format and not in this super fancy Hahnemuhle art paper with 100% rag content, so you’d better hurry up. You can pre-order them here and here.

“Oshun” is sized 12″ x 12″ inches (original size), and “Wocekiye” a little smaller than the original painting, 11″ x 14″ inches. Prints are sold unmatted and unframed, but here’s how they look nicely framed:


Wocekiye and Oshun, Patricia Ariel

“Wocekiye” and “Oshun”

Around the studio. Been doing a little bit of everything: pencil studies, nudes, abstracts. Perfecting techniques. Trying not to hold back and finding out more of who I am in this artist thing. Paying more attention to the process (and how gratifying it is,) working on getting detached from the end result (a long and tough battle.) It is never enough, it is never complete, it is a lifetime of discoveries and pain and endless joy. Thanks to my partner Justin Crabtree for having my back and supporting me with so many valuable insights. (If you are an abstract lover, please go visit Justin’s website, he is the real deal. He’s also on my heels about the blog and everything else but get too crazy to accomplish things in time.)

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By the way, Justin and I will run a weekend of art workshops in WA pretty soon, stay tuned!

And Happy Solstice!

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  1. I am a real admirer of your beautiful artwork! I am wondering how your art process is starting……….do you start with drawing the main image and than adding colors, inks paints ect.? Or do you first make your backgrounds and than draw in it……….would love to see a video of you working……warmly x

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