Challenges and prizes. 3

November was a challenging month. particularly the last two weeks. it started with the Inscape open house, which, in the last minute, i almost quit participating due to the complete chaos and uncertainty about my own process. the studio sleepover, when i worked 10 hours non-stop, just made me exhausted and disappointed with myself. i was unable to complete half of what i had planned. finally i decided to open the studio for the visitors even with few pieces completed. and it was totally worthy: i received invites for two shows and […]

To Drown a Rose

One of my good friends and collectors observed recently that my images have gained an air of “slight melancholy”, and I agree. in the last months, since I started to dive deeper into the abstract/figurative technique, I have totally let the abstract dictate the tone of the paintings, and the process has become almost 80% intuition. that makes me think about what is being released from my heart in the last months. my interpretation of “To Drown a Rose” (title of one of my favorite Death in June songs, although […]

Raw Artists Showcase Seattle – July 2011 – Illuminare 1

My Seattle debut was nothing less than awesome and lots of fun! Unfortunately I had enough time to produce only 4 pieces (and in 12 days that was a record,) but very well received and praised, which was a great happiness. I had a great time not only enjoying the lively atmosphere but performing my first live painting presentation. Painting in public is fun, but feels a bit weird; the sensation is of feeling your creativity a bit restrained with so many people looking at you. Didn’t do bad though […]


WHEN: Thursday, July 7, 2011 @ 8:00PM WHERE: iMusic | 332 5th Avenue | Seattle, WA 98109 DETAILS: 21+ event. Cocktail attire. Tickets are $10 via presale.(When buying your ticket, please select my name from the dropdown menu on the right and let me know! My supporters will receive thank you gifts and a surprise gift will be drawn  — possibly an original painting.) ARTISTSPatricia Ariel – yay! (Art)Hauting Art (Art)Melissa Damien (Photography)Ryan Doran (Art)Oleaje Flamenco (Music)EP Holcomb (Art)Sister Kate (Performing Art)Kree (Music)Thomas Krueger (Photography)Jenny Littleton (Hair + Makeup) Xavier […]