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Why is art so expensive? (and why you, as an artist, shouldn’t sell yourself cheap) 5

I eventually receive inquiries from people with a tight budget but genuinely interested in buying my art. They want to barter. They want to bargain. Not rare I feel compelled to accept the proposals since I feel so much love in them. It is a tough decision. I have collectors and people who have paid the listed price for my pieces, and I feel like it is not fair to them. A lot of people really appreciate art and would like to become collectors, however, collecting art is a pricey […]

commissions, prices and vertigo. 3

Sketch for portrait commission in progress. in my next video i will be showing the making of a portrait – this one i’m working on right now. it’s been a gratifying, very enriching experience, and i’d like to share it. since i started doing the video thing people have been expressing the wish to see something related to my work. by the way, i’m grateful for having the best clients in the world. 🙂 talking about commissions, by Spring I may slightly raise my prices. i’ve been already doing this with my […]

Ebay – goldmine for artists?

and then I decided to give Ebay a try, after a dozen stories of artists that take part of their incomes out of Ebay sales and the such. picked 2 watercolors on paper, Flourish and Totem #1, normally priced at $100, and set the starting bid price at $50, plus $20 for shipping and handling. my sincere opinion is that the auctions won’t be succeeded. I’m not a well known artist, and I don’t have how to compete with several other paintings being offered by shameful prices like $10, $6,99 […]

business cards, chinese brushes and the meaning of life.

my business cards arrived today, and I am again very impressed with the quality of the job delivered by PsPrint (no, I’m not gaining anything for marketing them, I just think that a good work deserves to be spread.) the only negative thing was entirely my fault: I think that my data got too small and too light, and sort of lost amidst the art. sigh. again, my camera and its “wonderful” macro don’t make justice to the stuff, but you can have an idea. I wanted that the card […]

some plans. 1

thinking about creating some small paintings that don’t require much time to get done. my usual paintings take about 2 weeks to be completed, and this of course influence in their prices. if I make smaller and quicker paintings, I can charge much less. my bigger pieces cost between $380 and $450, depending mostly on the time I spend in each one. since I’m just starting off in the market, I don’t believe I can charge much more. I started to experiment today, on watercolor paper. I’m not very sure […]