artist musings

Challenges and prizes. 3

November was a challenging month. particularly the last two weeks. it started with the Inscape open house, which, in the last minute, i almost quit participating due to the complete chaos and uncertainty about my own process. the studio sleepover, when i worked 10 hours non-stop, just made me exhausted and disappointed with myself. i was unable to complete half of what i had planned. finally i decided to open the studio for the visitors even with few pieces completed. and it was totally worthy: i received invites for two shows and […]

seeking the silence. 4

i have been totally absorbed in my seek for satisfactory solutions for my new works. it has not been easy. i am a perfectionist. i don’t feel happy with anything that sounds shallow or meaningless. and i have my ideals about what my art in particular should be. there are points in the artist’s development when you feel like you have to move on, to explore new things, to find new meanings to what you are doing. people love my ornamented, klimtish, colorful stuff. well, i do too. i took […]

this unrest 7

Revelation [work in progress](to be aborted, or improved maybe… who knows…) last week i was organizing my pieces in year of completion, in order to put on the new website, and noticed how awfully prolific i was last year. 2010 has not been the same. maybe because of some personal problems, which has been put me away for the easel and made me spend time concerned with practical matters; maybe because of this unrest inside me that is continuously pushing me toward new ways to express myself. in the last […]

About "Materia" 3

Materia is a series of 4 paintings I am creating for the next Energy Art Movement Salon, on July, which theme will be “Energizing Radiance”. I immediately thought about exploring something more “scientific” while transmitting a sense of energy (read more here), which is one of the main directions of this exhibit. I really love when I have the opportunity to work with science and (meta)physical concepts. And since I am fortunate enough to have a respectable scientist who is also a lover of art as a friend (hey there, […]

Gratitude. 4

Although I’ve been drawing since I was a kid, I never considered before the possibility of following a career solely based on my skills as a fine artist. I became many things during my mercurial life: actress, designer, writer, astrologer, singer, teacher. Dealing with brushes and paints was limited to my aspirations of illustrating my books or comic novels. nothing like showing in galleries or selling, an universe that I had experienced only as a student and spectator. Digital painting made my friend Roy, UK.  When i moved to America, at exactly […]