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it’s funny how sometimes i feel empty after finishing a painting. it happened with Lilith and with some other ones… somehow i feel like i passed the point of what would be the best for that work, aesthetically. this is way too frustrating and feels like a lot of wasted work. Lilith looks too dark to me, excessively hot. i try to convince myself that is just how the painting is supposed to be, due to its demonic nature — we, artists, don’t have the control! people are praising it […]

in progress: Lilith

still frustrated and sad from the loss of my stuff. but we must move on. Lilith awaits. like a good Moon in Scorpio, i’ve been always drawn to the underworld folks. i love drawing Liliths; this is my 3rd one, and it’s the most intense and mature. my understanding of this goddess came a long way, and lately she’s been blossoming inside myself with great intensity. there is a Lilith inside every woman, but our feminine unconscious has been so mashed up for so many centuries by the patriarchal mentality that we […]

In progress: Vali 2

trying to redeem myself from the Tree of Life fiasco, i decided to forget it for a while and catch up with my list of projects. there was something disturbing me a couple nights ago and that just let me sleep after I grabbed my sketchbook and filled up a page with an almost mediumistic sketch. that was Vali Myers. this preparatory sketch was made yesterday morning, and during all day long I dedicated myself to the labor of attempting to represent that mesmerizing woman. when Julia Inglis introduced me to her, […]

in progress: The Mirror 3

i still feel sick. i have moments in the day when i feel more energetic; in others i just want to lay in bed. feel sick to my stomach. still the pressure inside my head. the sad thing is that i totally know why i am that sick – just don’t have the resources to fix it and the people that could help me are miles away. so, i stay strong. i always do. i am a warrior. but i don’t know for how long though. there’s a limit for […]

about Waterlily 2

Waterlily was a nice surprise to me since I got to believe I was not able to work in soft colors anymore. I’ve been pursuing a dreamier, cleaner and suave style for a while and it suddenly came to life with this work. again, I got to achieve exactly what I wanted just by working with no sense of compromise or preoccupation with quality or symbolic purpose. I suspect I’m getting closer to something very exciting right now… :)h another thing it’s been difficult to control is the complexity of […]