my first promo postcard

I’ve spent almost all day (and when I say “all day” I mean the time I reserve for working, between my usual domestic chores) working on my promo postcard. as I said before, I chose my piece Ascension to the front of the card. I think that piece is very representative of my style – colorful, theatrical, and it has lots of abstract shapes, along with the strongly spiritual concept. I know that maybe it’s a little early to make a promo postcard, but I wanted to take advantage of […]

ascension 3

Ascension was finally finished today, after some days of deserved rest – and even a little frustration. I had loads of problems with the background, but I think that I managed to fix them. I got so happy with the final result that I’m seriously thinking about using this image in my promo postcard. Ascension was painted and repainted a couple times in watercolor paper before I get to this version. I had initially planned something more ethereal and soft for the deeply spiritual concept, but the colors started to […]

Ascension and The Scream.

I’ve been able to accomplish more than I expected these last days and I’m happy. sometimes I think there’s some kind of magic around here that makes me able to do so much and being a mother at the same time. “Ascension” is almost done. it lacks only a few details now. I decided to cut off some inches of board at the sides since I wanted to “lighten up” the figures and all that blue and violet in their hair. I committed the mistake of using too much warm […]