It’s tomorrow! Mass Culture 1920 Show

If you are in the St Louis MO area, do not miss this stunning show in which I am excited to participate with my latest work Das Leben ist Kurz (detail below), among some other talented names. Opening tomorrow, Feb 1st, at 7pm. The show runs until March 31st. If you are outside of the area, you can request a collector’s catalog through the email info[at]  

A virtual home makeover

Part of my (uncertain) New Year resolutions included to make my online life a little more manageable. And being back to the healthy habit of writing about my art, terribly neglected since many months ago, after moving with my daughter to the Northwest. In times of all-things-fast-food, when even art gradually becomes part of the big scheme of rapid consumption and temporary awe, to be forgotten shortly after new images representing the new trend invade the internet, speaking about your art could be salvation from the lack of substance, and I […]

Basic Drawing Online Workshop!

I am excited to announce that on the September 18th I will be starting teaching my first online drawing workshop! It is a five-session workshop with weekly classes, presented on blog format, designed for beginners and intermediate artists. That will not be a simple “buy my classes and learn on your own” package, it is an interactive workshop where you can exchange information and insights with your fellow virtual classmates, and get personalized orientation by me, by email or Skype. So, basically, you will have: access to the class materials […]



Mixed media on Fabriano 5″ x 7″ 2013 Model: Alli Wynn Roberts © Patricia Ariel ORIGINAL AVAILABLE HERE  

Would you buy me a cup of coffee? 2

In a couple weeks I will be finally starting the very first Changing Woman portrait. It has been such a ride, and it has not even started. There is still so much to do, so much to understand. I have the sweetest plans and enough ADD to get my life significantly messy sometimes, so it has also been an intense exercise on organization and creating structure. It is scary and it is exciting and it has occupied a lot of my head lately. I have defined a date to start […]