Catapult feature and new blog

after almost 5 years of Blogspot, i am getting established also here: i am a big fan of Tumblr’s flexibility, in how i can upload photos of my process from my phone via Instagram, keeping the blog always updated with fresh images. it is also a fantastic platform for artists who wish to promote and share their images, since they can spread like wildfire. i have also managed to migrate all my content from here to Tumblr totally hassle free. if i am leaving Blogger for good? not yet. […]


couldn’t get the Twitter gadget to appear where i wanted it but that’s ok. not sure if i will going to stick with this template, things seem a little too close together. will work on that later. to the new followers, thank you. welcome to my humble home. to the old friends, sorry for the big gaps between updates. have some stories to tell. be back soon.

new look 2

it’s past 1am, but I had to definitely change my blog layout. after experimenting with a lot of colorful headers I’m finally very happy with this clean and simple result, as I like. next step it will be to redesign my website. thinking about using this same style on it. gotta go to bed now… December has been a totally busy month, and I’m trying to wake up earlier than usual in order to get at least all commissions done before Christmas. didn’t I tell you that I am going […]

em bom Português.

to my Brazilian readers: no need of trying to follow my broken English anymore. the posts are being now translated to Portuguese on my other blog, Inspirais. see you there, and hope you all enjoy it! para meus leitores brasileiros (sim, eu sei que alguns de vocês tem estado por aqui com uma certa frequência. obrigada a todos!): não é mais necessário tentar acomponhar meu broken English. os posts estão agora send traduzidos para o português no meu outro blog, o Inspirais. vejo vocês por lá!


taking advantage of a weird cold + baby’s fever to change the blog’s layout. in general I prefer clean and minimal layouts, mainly when it’s a blog containing so much visual information, but I liked this one. 🙂