Challenges and prizes. 3

November was a challenging month. particularly the last two weeks. it started with the Inscape open house, which, in the last minute, i almost quit participating due to the complete chaos and uncertainty about my own process. the studio sleepover, when i worked 10 hours non-stop, just made me exhausted and disappointed with myself. i was unable to complete half of what i had planned. finally i decided to open the studio for the visitors even with few pieces completed. and it was totally worthy: i received invites for two shows and […]

can’t fall in love. 5

I had bought a couple canvas panels with the intention of painting 2 large mandalas to decorate my booth at the Louisville Psychic and Paranormal Gathering, on July (have I told you I’ll be there?) My experience with canvas is limited to a little experiment I’ve done several years ago, using oils. I didn’t really get excited with the little painting, and never touched oils or canvas again. I’m not going to revisit oils so soon — I am the type of person who wants all-at-the-same-time-now and not very patient […]