Workshop + Haiti help

two announcements today. first, is about the Creative Astrology workshop. I’ve been receiving inquiries from people interested in the workshop but unable to commit to 7 straight weeks of classes. I then decided to split the program in shorter workshops, of 10 days each — same as the first one, Living the Four Elements. to start, I am releasing two workshops: The Sun’s Pathway (starting on Feb 8th) and The Moon Within (starts on March 8th.) Workshops’ content will be richer than in the first version, since we’ll have more […]

Espèrance (Hope) 4

Espèrance (Hope) Watercolor, gouache, and graphite on board 6 x 6 $60 I spent most of my day preparing this painting. it is a hispaniolan trogon, the national bird of Haiti. CafePress is accepting donations of designs for a store they set up just to help Haiti, and I made the painting with that in mind. painting a sweet symbol like this cute bird helped to fill up my heart with love and send it to the brothers and sisters in Haiti, who are passing through that terrible probation. everywhere […]