Colors in us 5

I should be packing and mailing my art materials to the Northwest right now since I have now little over than 2 weeks from my move, but the muses govern my life and they act through mysterious ways. Experimentations with abstract underpaintings are not a new thing in my journey but it seems that i am feeling more and more drawn to it, specially since my interest in the ties science + spirituality + art was ignited some time ago. I am fascinated by the concept of color being nothing less […]

falling in love. 5

this has been odd phase, in which i’ve been alternating days of lethargy with others of normal activity. a block of sorts. i don’t know if the transition to the new materials have been causing this. yesterday i started working in some small works on paper and since then i’ve been slowly coming back to my normal self. but anyway… i’m glad to finally share my new experiments on this new surface that brought me much excitenment and a happy sense of artistic enlightenment: the masonite board. masonite is a […]

can’t fall in love. 5

I had bought a couple canvas panels with the intention of painting 2 large mandalas to decorate my booth at the Louisville Psychic and Paranormal Gathering, on July (have I told you I’ll be there?) My experience with canvas is limited to a little experiment I’ve done several years ago, using oils. I didn’t really get excited with the little painting, and never touched oils or canvas again. I’m not going to revisit oils so soon — I am the type of person who wants all-at-the-same-time-now and not very patient […]