Catapult feature and new blog

after almost 5 years of Blogspot, i am getting established also here: http://patriciaariel-blog.tumblr.com i am a big fan of Tumblr’s flexibility, in how i can upload photos of my process from my phone via Instagram, keeping the blog always updated with fresh images. it is also a fantastic platform for artists who wish to promote and share their images, since they can spread like wildfire. i have also managed to migrate all my content from here to Tumblr totally hassle free. if i am leaving Blogger for good? not yet. […]

in a rush 2

things are pretty crazy around here, folks… i’m rushing to complete the Materia series until next Saturday and feel like a painting machine. not fun, but it is my fault. i could have planned something more simple, but, as a good Scorpio (Moon), i am always taking the complicated way. oh, well. now it’s too late to start whining. sorry for not responding the last comments, they are all read and very appreciated! eternal thanks for your encouragement. + 2 beautiful features this week: – the more than awesome Natures Whispers blog, […]

Interview for "Art For The World"

so much to say and so little time… lots going on… but for now I want to leave you with my recent interview for the Art For The World group on RedBubble. since most of you are not “bubblers”, I decided to publish it here too so you all can enjoy it. thanks Erika! Our very first interview for the group is with the talented artist Patricia Ariel. One of the things that I really love about Ariel’s work is the deep meaning behind each work of art, which is what this […]

another great feature + encountering Vali Myers 1

2009 has been a very prolific year and it will also be remembered by the wonderful, special people who have been crossing my path. one of these persons is Julia Inglis, Australian Tarot reader and teacher who recently featured my work in her beautiful newsletter. that made me feel so happy! just click in the images to check it out. + Julia also introduced me to this fantastic artist: Vali Myers. Vali was an Australia born dancer, who decided to move to Paris in the post-war period. without a job, […]