Interviews 2

i was interviewed by two awesome websites last week. Creatrix, new blog of my friend and artist Tammy Mae Moon, is a site focused on the experience of being an artist and a mother. if the life of an artist has its own challenges, when you have a walking masterpiece around things can get a little more hectic. a new artist will be featured every week to share her experience on the subject. XLegion is an art project that explores the dark side in art  (probably the first folks to openly […]

Interview for "Art For The World"

so much to say and so little time… lots going on… but for now I want to leave you with my recent interview for the Art For The World group on RedBubble. since most of you are not “bubblers”, I decided to publish it here too so you all can enjoy it. thanks Erika! Our very first interview for the group is with the talented artist Patricia Ariel. One of the things that I really love about Ariel’s work is the deep meaning behind each work of art, which is what this […]