Progress shots for the new show 3

Omnia vincit amor (Love conquers all.) There will be another version with two dudes kissing, but not for this show. SerpentariumI should be way ahead with these pieces but these have been tumultuous days. my studio contract with Inscape has expired and i decided not to renew it, so this week i’ve been busy packing up my stuff to bring back home. it has not been easy to let go of a dream to have my own working space where i could display my pieces to the public and teach, but the […]

Happy New Year! 4

While Christmas is always a somewhat depressing time for me, New Year’s is one of my favorite holidays of the year. I love its festive, optimistic character, and all the celebration around hopes of a new cycle of prosperity and happiness. It doesn’t matter that is only a change in the calendar. What matters is that people’s mindsets are generally focused toward a new beginning, improvement, and change, and all that positivity generates an egregore of optimism that can only attract good things. My New Year Eve was not what i wanted […]

back home.

i’ve been in Seattle WA for 10 days and came back last week. it was a lovely Spring break in an amazing, inspiring city. chances are that i will be moving there in the next few months, so, if you are a Seattle artist and/or crazy visionary and want to socialize or partnering for future projects, let me know! and if you want to hire me for art + design projects or classes, then we should REALLY talk. in the last days i have been focusing on deadlines and makeovers. my website […]

commissions, prices and vertigo. 3

Sketch for portrait commission in progress. in my next video i will be showing the making of a portrait – this one i’m working on right now. it’s been a gratifying, very enriching experience, and i’d like to share it. since i started doing the video thing people have been expressing the wish to see something related to my work. by the way, i’m grateful for having the best clients in the world. 🙂 talking about commissions, by Spring I may slightly raise my prices. i’ve been already doing this with my […]

when s*** happens 2

here’s a lesson for everybody who has rambunctious children at home and whose life depend on technological paraphernalia: keep your kids at least 5 feet away from your stuff. my 3 year old, who’s like a bull in a china store, just had to trip over my laptop power cable to cause a disaster. the system was severely damaged. after trying for hours to make things work, I had no choice but to restore the hard drive to the factory state. now I’m here, at the household desktop, bleeding heart, […]