Lilith 2

Lilith Mixed Media (Watercolor, Acrylics, Pastel and Graphite on illustration board) 15 x 20 2010 $500 The intriguing figure of Lilith appears in many religious traditions and myths. The most known story describes her as the first wife of Adam, who was created equal and refused to submit herself to him. Lilith fled from the Eden and became a lover to demons. Lilith can be seen as the dark side of the feminine principle, although this doesn’t have a negative or “evil” connotation. In my conception, Lilith is the assertive, […]

in progress: Lilith

still frustrated and sad from the loss of my stuff. but we must move on. Lilith awaits. like a good Moon in Scorpio, i’ve been always drawn to the underworld folks. i love drawing Liliths; this is my 3rd one, and it’s the most intense and mature. my understanding of this goddess came a long way, and lately she’s been blossoming inside myself with great intensity. there is a Lilith inside every woman, but our feminine unconscious has been so mashed up for so many centuries by the patriarchal mentality that we […]

in progress: Lilith 2

preparatory sketch: penciling and first washes: background and first glazings: model is my new “stunner”, Belinda Leopold (besides being a talented photographer, she is also a true beauty!)