DIY: cradled masonite boards 5

No job is perfect, not even the art ones. For me, one of the worse parts of being an artist is having to frame your artwork each time you put them on display. For a very simple reason: I am cheap. And if you are in the art business, you know that a good presentation for your artwork can be very pricey. And if you are an emerging/newbie artist, you may find it a real pain in the pocket. But if you paint small and you are in a show […]

falling in love. 5

this has been odd phase, in which i’ve been alternating days of lethargy with others of normal activity. a block of sorts. i don’t know if the transition to the new materials have been causing this. yesterday i started working in some small works on paper and since then i’ve been slowly coming back to my normal self. but anyway… i’m glad to finally share my new experiments on this new surface that brought me much excitenment and a happy sense of artistic enlightenment: the masonite board. masonite is a […]