in a rush 2

things are pretty crazy around here, folks… i’m rushing to complete the Materia series until next Saturday and feel like a painting machine. not fun, but it is my fault. i could have planned something more simple, but, as a good Scorpio (Moon), i am always taking the complicated way. oh, well. now it’s too late to start whining. sorry for not responding the last comments, they are all read and very appreciated! eternal thanks for your encouragement. + 2 beautiful features this week: – the more than awesome Natures Whispers blog, […]

Materia: Earth

Mixed Media (Acrylics, Pastel, Pencils and Graphite on paperboard)14 x 182010  Available for sale after July 2010.  I am the Universe and the Universe is Me.We’re sound, stars, atomsDescending, vibrating, in an eternal danceChanting, flowing, in circles and spirals of lightFrom the ether to my veins and nerves and bonesMy vessel of lightScreaming I am Immortal. “Materia” (Latin word for matter) is a series of four paintings that deal with the notion of chemical structure of the human body and its relation with the circular forms of the sacred geometry […]

About "Materia" 3

Materia is a series of 4 paintings I am creating for the next Energy Art Movement Salon, on July, which theme will be “Energizing Radiance”. I immediately thought about exploring something more “scientific” while transmitting a sense of energy (read more here), which is one of the main directions of this exhibit. I really love when I have the opportunity to work with science and (meta)physical concepts. And since I am fortunate enough to have a respectable scientist who is also a lover of art as a friend (hey there, […]

pencil pencil pencil 5

i have tried different methods of starting a painting, but at the moment the one that seems to best suit my needs is doing the penciling first. i am primarily a penciller and that has always been my favorite medium, either for the texture or for the ease of control. it is time consuming, but as a technique, in my opinion there’s nothing more impressive than a good pencil work. it shows all the artist’s craftsmanship. I’ve been doing some pencil work before applying the underpainting, which have helped me […]

good news and next projects 4

I’ve been in a family trip in the last few days. zero internet, what is not all bad since i don’t get so distracted and can focus on reading and sketching. but it was extra good to come home and find out that Duality was accepted into the Masquerade group show, which will happen at the Gallery 101, in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. that will be my first group show in an actual gallery, and I am pretty excited about it. and after several days attempting to put ideas together, i have […]