Mixed Media


If you have been chasing me for over three years or so, you know I have a long affair with the inclusion of Abstractionism in my work. Abstract art is pure energy, emotion, and sensation. It does not rely on things we physically know and see to tell a story, but it plays with the immaterial, the intangible. It is not easy to give shape to what doesn’t have a shape as we know, and this is why I consider abstract art one of the most difficult styles of painting. […]

She, who walks among the dead 3

Mixed media on panel 16″ x 20″ 2012 “Inner Self-Portrait” group show, 2012  Price TBA sailing through the depths of a blue hope she moves across vague oceans in nudity, darkness, divinity, communing with demons and serpents, sleeping with angels and devas, grabbing words brought from the invisible. heart is the same that sees through the mists, guiding bare steps through the inner abyss. she is Persephone in the Underworld, dying and being reborn a thousand times, bringing the hope of a million Springs and the interlude of Winters. fingers […]