O Fortuna

end-of-the-year updates 2

hope everybody had a nice Christmas/Hanukkah/Yule. mine was better than expected, thank you. in general i am not very Christmas friendly, but when you have a child things have a different light. and this year they really had. i’ve been posting stuff on this blog with an amazing slowness, sometimes days or even weeks after they actually happened. to tell the truth, the last couple months have not been easy, emotionally speaking, and since i am so good in letting the emotional interfere with everything else, things can go downhill […]

weekend wip 4

“O Fortuna: The One Who Kissed the Heart of the Earth”, in progress. from my phone. i guess that is it. i think i am finally making it the way i wanted. 🙂

seeking the silence. 4

i have been totally absorbed in my seek for satisfactory solutions for my new works. it has not been easy. i am a perfectionist. i don’t feel happy with anything that sounds shallow or meaningless. and i have my ideals about what my art in particular should be. there are points in the artist’s development when you feel like you have to move on, to explore new things, to find new meanings to what you are doing. people love my ornamented, klimtish, colorful stuff. well, i do too. i took […]

finally… almost there… 2

the muses are temperamental and like to play. they deny you inspiration for days, weeks, even months, and when they finally decide to grant you with their grace, they do things like depriving you from your sleep, for instance. that’s no fun when you don’t have to luxury to stay in bed until late in the morning. but after a lot of blood, sweat and tears (and a lot of wasted paint) i suspect i finally found what i wanted for “O Fortuna”. this is called “The One Who Looks at […]