one painting a day

The Muse

Graphite, watercolor and gouache on board, 6 x 6 2009 that’s a small commission which has not been claimed by the client yet. it is a cute little painting in a tile shape, and maybe i’ll start doing series of these to revitalize my Etsy store. they won’t take too long to get completed and won’t cost much either, so it’s a good idea of art for people with a tight budget.

the zodiaque series 3

I’ve just started a series inspired in the twelve signs. the first one is Gemini (my own sign), and it’s already done (picture of the process below.) now I am working on Scorpio. when it’s done I’ll scan both and publish them. they are all intended to have a certain Japanese feel, with faces wearing that geisha make-up I love, and very fluid abstracts surrounding them. I really enjoy to have several projects in hands, so I can pass from one to another according to my inspiration and mood (very […]