The Waterman: Unio Mystica 1

Watercolor on illustration board,15 x 202009$480 Middle panel of The Waterman triptych. I can see the King coming.Naked and bright, like all the truths should be.Simple and strong, with stars in his eyes,and heart of petals, bathing the ground. I can see the King coming,and he comes barefoot, hair in the wind,with no jewels or swords,like a simple man,bringing drinking water on his shoulders.His hands carry the roses that blossom in the cross,and his crown is a thousand petals lotus.The King smiles, he is beautifuland from his mouth lilies sprout,and […]

about "The Scream"

i explained in this post a little of what lead me to make The Scream. it’s basically a piece about violence against women, a subject that really sensitizes me not only for being a woman, but also for being human and for dreaming and working for a better world based on respect and equality. my first certainty about this work, in my brainstorm, was that I didn’t want a piece that was oppressing or showed only the pain of the violence or abuse. I wanted something that could have a […]

Ascension and The Scream.

I’ve been able to accomplish more than I expected these last days and I’m happy. sometimes I think there’s some kind of magic around here that makes me able to do so much and being a mother at the same time. “Ascension” is almost done. it lacks only a few details now. I decided to cut off some inches of board at the sides since I wanted to “lighten up” the figures and all that blue and violet in their hair. I committed the mistake of using too much warm […]