Materia: Earth

Mixed Media (Acrylics, Pastel, Pencils and Graphite on paperboard)14 x 182010  Available for sale after July 2010.  I am the Universe and the Universe is Me.We’re sound, stars, atomsDescending, vibrating, in an eternal danceChanting, flowing, in circles and spirals of lightFrom the ether to my veins and nerves and bonesMy vessel of lightScreaming I am Immortal. “Materia” (Latin word for matter) is a series of four paintings that deal with the notion of chemical structure of the human body and its relation with the circular forms of the sacred geometry […]

Lilith 2

Lilith Mixed Media (Watercolor, Acrylics, Pastel and Graphite on illustration board) 15 x 20 2010 $500 The intriguing figure of Lilith appears in many religious traditions and myths. The most known story describes her as the first wife of Adam, who was created equal and refused to submit herself to him. Lilith fled from the Eden and became a lover to demons. Lilith can be seen as the dark side of the feminine principle, although this doesn’t have a negative or “evil” connotation. In my conception, Lilith is the assertive, […]