Lilith 2

Lilith Mixed Media (Watercolor, Acrylics, Pastel and Graphite on illustration board) 15 x 20 2010 $500 The intriguing figure of Lilith appears in many religious traditions and myths. The most known story describes her as the first wife of Adam, who was created equal and refused to submit herself to him. Lilith fled from the Eden and became a lover to demons. Lilith can be seen as the dark side of the feminine principle, although this doesn’t have a negative or “evil” connotation. In my conception, Lilith is the assertive, […]

Vali 2

Mixed Media (Acrylics, watercolor, graphite and a bit of pastel) on illustration board, 15 x 20 2010 $500 A tribute to Australian artist Vali Myers, a true inspiration in my art and life.

Espèrance (Hope) 4

Espèrance (Hope) Watercolor, gouache, and graphite on board 6 x 6 $60 I spent most of my day preparing this painting. it is a hispaniolan trogon, the national bird of Haiti. CafePress is accepting donations of designs for a store they set up just to help Haiti, and I made the painting with that in mind. painting a sweet symbol like this cute bird helped to fill up my heart with love and send it to the brothers and sisters in Haiti, who are passing through that terrible probation. everywhere […]

The Mirror 4

Acrylics,  pastel and pencil on board,  11 x 14 2010 $280 Illustration for the poetry book “Liquid Dreams”, by Ricardo Blancas. Chasing After Light  I’d chase after you at the speed of light, but what’s the point? You’re already ahead of me. Instead I’ll pace my self, continue to move forward, knowing that at some point in time, you’ll come across a mirror and reflect upon it.  At which point, I’ll still be traveling towards you. With open arms and a smile on my face, I’ll meet you a long […]