Portrait of Mabel 6

after this is finished, I am going to take a break of portraits and commissioned art to dedicate myself to design projects. I am in a transitional phase, still experimenting on masonite, trying to accommodate my style and find the best technique. and I am absolutely anxious to finally give form to “O Fortuna“.

pencil pencil pencil 5

i have tried different methods of starting a painting, but at the moment the one that seems to best suit my needs is doing the penciling first. i am primarily a penciller and that has always been my favorite medium, either for the texture or for the ease of control. it is time consuming, but as a technique, in my opinion there’s nothing more impressive than a good pencil work. it shows all the artist’s craftsmanship. I’ve been doing some pencil work before applying the underpainting, which have helped me […]

Alchemy – Portrait of Julia & Tony 2

Mixed Media (Acrylics, watercolor, pastel and graphite on paperboard) 14 x 11 in 2010 Private commission Julia and Tony are a couple of lightworkers who have been working together in the fields of healing and teaching. Their synastry chart shows a strong Aquarius energy, fully embed in freedom, dynamism and idealism. The strong blue background was something I had saw immediately when Julia sent me the pictures for the portrait, so I attempted to build it based on that vibration of spirituality and spaciousness. Their tarot arcane based on their […]

in progress: portrait commission

that took a little more time than expected to be completed, since I had to redo it… didn’t get satisfied with the flat background, but now that i made it more translucent i’m much happier. 🙂