sick and working 1

have been sort of sick these last couple days. a little lethargic, dizzy and with a weird pressure inside my head. this afternoon I felt a little more energetic and could almost finish a portrait I’ve been working on these last weeks. better go to the doctor if this thing continue on. if I had some help around here it would be so great… sometimes feel just too exhausted. Portrait of Lucy – work in progress I’d like to have a place far from home only for working. work has […]

back home… 3

…and finally catching up with my work. here are some pieces in progress: ArtemisIllustration for the “Liquid Dreams” poetry book, by Ricardo Blancas. Lucy (detail) Portrait

new website + astroportraits 4

I finally managed to upload the new website. it’s all working properly. and it’s working fine on Internet Explorer, in spite of I was fearing, although I still recommend Firefox for viewing. the link for the Portuguese version still doesn’t take anywhere, but it’s just a matter of time. working on a portrait: I love to make portraits, I’m fascinated by the human figure. the ones I make I call Astroportraits, since they are based on your astrological profile. that’s how it works: before brainstorming your portrait I raise the […]