welcoming March, with a last show and a new shop

so February is gone, and i am glad, because it was a bit of a tough month. in February i prepared 2 shows that i am not exactly proud of, since by getting sick for so long i missed precious days and could not produce much. not kidding: i had exact 4 episodes of mild fever in 30 days (the last one was gone yesterday). but during the breaks i managed to produce a few pieces free of the deadline oppression, and they flew the way they should, and i […]

cleaning off the spider webs 1

over two months and no updates? can’t believe it. i am still working on a new version for my website, when time permits. since the new site is powered by WordPress, i’ve been pondering if i should keep the blog here or migrate it to the website. i have been a Blogger user for years, and i am very fond of it, so the decision has been a little difficult. meanwhile, lots have happened. i have a new show up, at Vertigo Rising Gallery, here in Everett WA. the show […]

Notebooks in Philippines! (or: Famous and still poor) 5

So, according to some of my contacts in the beautiful Philippines, I am in all the main bookstores around there. The funny thing is that I didn’t know. The story: a company approached me last year inquiring about licensing. After a few days of negotiation, that included a flat fee for use of five images + royalties over items sold, they paid the fee, got the images and never contacted me again. The contract is still here in my hard drive, unsigned. The products are all over the Philippines and […]

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War on Women: posters with my art for free download 2

I have recently signed with the liberal organization Political Loudmouth granting them rights of reproduction of the four images of my Materia Series in posters and merchandise. PL is a non profit group that battles for liberal causes, like gay marriage, legalization of marijuana, planned parenthood, and other important causes that you are likely to embrace if you want a more egalitarian world. More recently they have established a crusade against what is being called here in US the “war on women”:  a group of right wing politicians determined in doing […]

Workshop + Haiti help

two announcements today. first, is about the Creative Astrology workshop. I’ve been receiving inquiries from people interested in the workshop but unable to commit to 7 straight weeks of classes. I then decided to split the program in shorter workshops, of 10 days each — same as the first one, Living the Four Elements. to start, I am releasing two workshops: The Sun’s Pathway (starting on Feb 8th) and The Moon Within (starts on March 8th.) Workshops’ content will be richer than in the first version, since we’ll have more […]