Changing Woman on USA Projects

A couple days ago the Changing Woman Project launched the second phase of its fundraising on USA Projects, a non-profit grantmaking organization created to help artists succeed in their art projects. USA Projects is totally committed with the advancement of the arts, and every artist/project goes through a screening before being accepted. I myself had to tweak the project text and video about three times before it was finally ready to meet their guidelines, but it was all worth it. Now the project is live and open to accept donations, […]

the "Changing Woman" project 3

about 2 years ago i started to brainstorm a project. if you are one of my old followers, and are with me on Facebook, you may remember. it was one of the many ideas i have everyday, but it sounded more “real”, and more in touch with my life plans to use art as a tool for transformation. it was called Changing Woman thanks to a valuable suggestion from one of my dearest collectors and friends, and it would be about women empowerment and awareness about women’s issues. the most important: […]


so, it’s time to go ahead with my nomadic life, which means i am moving again! and to help cover my moving expenses, i am launching a Drawing-a-Day project in which i will be creating a new drawing every day all through April. drawings will measure 7″ x 5″ each, made on illustration board or Canson Miteintes, and will ship matted. and they will cost only $50 dollars + shipping ($10 to US, $15 everywhere else.) at the end of the project, I will draw a name from everybody who […]

O Fortuna – the project 3

the idea of developing a body of work representing imaginary characters is not new in my mind. as a former theater person, I wanted to give birth to those characters myself, feeling them not only with my imagination and brushes, but also with my body. when the 10th Tarot Arcane, The Wheel of Fortune, popped in my mind, I knew I had a lot to explore on the theme of transitoriety of life and its cyclical character. O Fortuna is a project I’m developing with the collaboration of some talented friends of […]