Spanish Calendar 2011 3

i was absolutely in awe when i opened the box… this calendar is my first licensed product, folks! it was released by Editorial Sirio, a Spanish publisher. a lot of people have asked me if i am selling them. unfortunately no; you have to go to their website to purchase one if you like. it is all in Spanish. i got very impressed with the quality and beauty of the product. really great stuff.

in a rush 2

things are pretty crazy around here, folks… i’m rushing to complete the Materia series until next Saturday and feel like a painting machine. not fun, but it is my fault. i could have planned something more simple, but, as a good Scorpio (Moon), i am always taking the complicated way. oh, well. now it’s too late to start whining. sorry for not responding the last comments, they are all read and very appreciated! eternal thanks for your encouragement. + 2 beautiful features this week: – the more than awesome Natures Whispers blog, […]

Busy busy + feature feature 5

A long absence, I know. I’ve been busy with commissions + workshop, and already planning the next ones! Very refreshing being back to my teaching activities after so long. I must say that I am very very happy and feel very gratified and energized. Thank you to wonderful group for the great energy and insights! I’ll be soon posting the mandalas the group has been preparing on my workshops page. + My piece The Divine in Me was featured in the new edition of the Presence journal. Thank you to […]

surprise of the day 2

Inside Solo is an online magazine for members of the Solo Exhibition group on RedBubble. It’s extremely well done and well written. I am in awe to find out I’ve gained a feature in this week edition, with (totally breathtaking) reviews of 3 of my works. gonna post them soon! now let me drool on them a little bit more.