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O Fortuna – the project 3

the idea of developing a body of work representing imaginary characters is not new in my mind. as a former theater person, I wanted to give birth to those characters myself, feeling them not only with my imagination and brushes, but also with my body. when the 10th Tarot Arcane, The Wheel of Fortune, popped in my mind, I knew I had a lot to explore on the theme of transitoriety of life and its cyclical character. O Fortuna is a project I’m developing with the collaboration of some talented friends of […]

do it yourself: photo references 3

most times, figurative artists need good human body references for their paintings and drawings. having a live model is just awesome, but when you cannot afford one, a fair photograph do the trick. and when you don’t have photographs available (and you don’t want to use that one you found on the web without permission, do you?), what do you do? well, in my case, I just apply some foundation on my face, put on a funny head band that keep my hair off my face, set up my home […]