on the board 4

Materia: Earth Portrait of Angie so much going on, a lot to write, not much time or energy, not now…  I have a post right from my soul that I need to put into words, but I am having a migraine today. and a bit of a broken heart. and this is going on since yesterday, and it’s being so fun, encouraging and uplifting: big thanks to Frannie, Maxy, and all the fantastic fellow artists who’s been participating on this virtual event. I am very honored and grateful.

my first video on YouTube! 1

I made this video yesterday talking about creativity and its relationship with the Divine and the Self. too bad my camera’s volume is a bit low, but you can hear my charming accent and eventual broken English more clearly by wearing headphones 😛 I pretty much enjoyed the experience (although it’s more difficult and tiring than it may seem) and I’m planning to make other videos soon, showing my painting and works in progress. stay tuned!

business cards, chinese brushes and the meaning of life.

my business cards arrived today, and I am again very impressed with the quality of the job delivered by PsPrint (no, I’m not gaining anything for marketing them, I just think that a good work deserves to be spread.) the only negative thing was entirely my fault: I think that my data got too small and too light, and sort of lost amidst the art. sigh. again, my camera and its “wonderful” macro don’t make justice to the stuff, but you can have an idea. I wanted that the card […]