The Mirror

The Mirror 4

Acrylics,  pastel and pencil on board,  11 x 14 2010 $280 Illustration for the poetry book “Liquid Dreams”, by Ricardo Blancas. Chasing After Light  I’d chase after you at the speed of light, but what’s the point? You’re already ahead of me. Instead I’ll pace my self, continue to move forward, knowing that at some point in time, you’ll come across a mirror and reflect upon it.  At which point, I’ll still be traveling towards you. With open arms and a smile on my face, I’ll meet you a long […]

in progress: The Mirror 3

i still feel sick. i have moments in the day when i feel more energetic; in others i just want to lay in bed. feel sick to my stomach. still the pressure inside my head. the sad thing is that i totally know why i am that sick – just don’t have the resources to fix it and the people that could help me are miles away. so, i stay strong. i always do. i am a warrior. but i don’t know for how long though. there’s a limit for […]