the waterman

about "The Waterman" 2

(funny to have finished my depiction of Jesus Christ so close to Easter. I swear it was not on purpose. but the muses sometimes like coincidences. or, if you prefer, synchronicities.) well, it’s finally done, the first part of my most ambitious project so far. it’s the middle panel of The Waterman triptych, called Unio Mystica. it is a work full of symbolism and it’s impossible to unfold each one of them here, since each symbol leads to a myriad of things, either Bible passages or occult teachings. (anyway, long […]

The Waterman: Unio Mystica 1

Watercolor on illustration board,15 x 202009$480 Middle panel of The Waterman triptych. I can see the King coming.Naked and bright, like all the truths should be.Simple and strong, with stars in his eyes,and heart of petals, bathing the ground. I can see the King coming,and he comes barefoot, hair in the wind,with no jewels or swords,like a simple man,bringing drinking water on his shoulders.His hands carry the roses that blossom in the cross,and his crown is a thousand petals lotus.The King smiles, he is beautifuland from his mouth lilies sprout,and […]

in progress: ignis aeris 5

ready for a bit more of my beloved The Waterman tryptich? here’s the underpainting: it’s amazing how I get energized when working with warm colors. I love all tones of blue and purples, but working with reds and oranges really make my day. I love how their pigments mix well and how they pop out the board. I really like the way the lion skin came out. I think the abstraction fit well. it made me think about creating another piece using a lion as a focus and the same […]

second panel finally in progress

I must confess I am proud of this one. 🙂 Ignis Aeris is the right panel of The Waterman triptych. it represents the elements Fire and Water, or the yang ones. the left panel will be called Terrae Aquae, and it will represent the ying elements Earth and Water. I didn’t intend to use too much symbolism in the side panels, since they are supposed to “frame” the main one, which I decided to call Unio Mystica (this is the very own you’ve been watching for a while, with the […]