updates, finally 3

about two weeks with no updates, not typical… but, aside from working on a commission, I’ve not been doing much lately, painting-wise. after several weeks pondering the cons and pros, i finally decided to set up a design business with a friend of mine. I worked as a web and graphic designer for a while before coming to US, and at first I was not very enthusiastic to come back to (one of my) former careers, but finally I thought that yes, it could be fun – and profitable. so, […]

new pieces finished

almost dead. and after a lot of struggle I finally managed to finish my three new pieces. these last weeks have not been the easiest ones, I must say. bad eyesight, artistic crisis, improvement work around the house – have had to work hearing the bum bum of hammers all day long. but art prevailed, and the pieces got done in time for the show – yep, I’ll be at Common Grounds this weekend. last night I even had a little time to change the blog look. and planning a […]

I’m alive.

so, I have my new lenses and they seem to work fine, but my eyes still get too tired when I focus on computer work for too long. so I decided to avoid it, mainly at night. anyway, I have a few books to finish reading and need to put some workshops together too! to tell the truth these last days have found me a little lethargic and lost. it’s being a little hard to work for the show. I’m living a bit of a crisis concerning to my style […]