Interviews 2

i was interviewed by two awesome websites last week. Creatrix, new blog of my friend and artist Tammy Mae Moon, is a site focused on the experience of being an artist and a mother. if the life of an artist has its own challenges, when you have a walking masterpiece around things can get a little more hectic. a new artist will be featured every week to share her experience on the subject. XLegion is an art project that explores the dark side in art  (probably the first folks to openly […]

back home.

i’ve been in Seattle WA for 10 days and came back last week. it was a lovely Spring break in an amazing, inspiring city. chances are that i will be moving there in the next few months, so, if you are a Seattle artist and/or crazy visionary and want to socialize or partnering for future projects, let me know! and if you want to hire me for art + design projects or classes, then we should REALLY talk. in the last days i have been focusing on deadlines and makeovers. my website […]