work in progress

weekend wip 4

“O Fortuna: The One Who Kissed the Heart of the Earth”, in progress. from my phone. i guess that is it. i think i am finally making it the way i wanted. 🙂

finally… almost there… 2

the muses are temperamental and like to play. they deny you inspiration for days, weeks, even months, and when they finally decide to grant you with their grace, they do things like depriving you from your sleep, for instance. that’s no fun when you don’t have to luxury to stay in bed until late in the morning. but after a lot of blood, sweat and tears (and a lot of wasted paint) i suspect i finally found what i wanted for “O Fortuna”. this is called “The One Who Looks at […]

In progress: Yemanjá [or how to be near a heart attack] 6

she was supposed to be in a exhibition that will open next month in Virginia, called “The Power of the Orishas” [model is my beautiful friend Iara]. when i got the invitation, i couldn’t help but nearly scream with excitement. after all, this is part of the culture in which i grew up – the Afro-Brazilian culture, with all its magic and beauty. how could i get out? simple: by MISSING THE DEADLINE. i think i have to buy a neon sign and hang it on my wall next time. […]

About "Materia" 3

Materia is a series of 4 paintings I am creating for the next Energy Art Movement Salon, on July, which theme will be “Energizing Radiance”. I immediately thought about exploring something more “scientific” while transmitting a sense of energy (read more here), which is one of the main directions of this exhibit. I really love when I have the opportunity to work with science and (meta)physical concepts. And since I am fortunate enough to have a respectable scientist who is also a lover of art as a friend (hey there, […]