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good news and next projects 4

I’ve been in a family trip in the last few days. zero internet, what is not all bad since i don’t get so distracted and can focus on reading and sketching. but it was extra good to come home and find out that Duality was accepted into the Masquerade group show, which will happen at the Gallery 101, in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. that will be my first group show in an actual gallery, and I am pretty excited about it. and after several days attempting to put ideas together, i have […]

what’s going on… 4

Duality, work in progress I’m dying to start painting for my new project but still have stuff on the top of the list to be completed. besides a current commission, I’ve got to produce 2 or 3 paintings for the next EAM salon , on July. I’m pretty excited for that will be my first salon since I was invited to join the group, last year, and I am very concentrated in doing my best. the theme will be “Energy Radiance”, which gives margin to a lot of interesting interpretations. my plan […]

in Progress: Untitled 2

this one came to me while doodling on my sketchbook the other day. i wanted something sweet and light to release me from the heavy impression of Lilith. it is about how only what we do can truly reveal what’s in our hearts. in other words, you know the tree by the fruit it bears. i am attempting to bring more looseness to it, without losing the graphic, design-ish style. that has been my aim forever, but i didn’t think I quite got it yet.

in progress: Lilith 2

preparatory sketch: penciling and first washes: background and first glazings: model is my new “stunner”, Belinda Leopold (besides being a talented photographer, she is also a true beauty!)

In progress: Vali 2

trying to redeem myself from the Tree of Life fiasco, i decided to forget it for a while and catch up with my list of projects. there was something disturbing me a couple nights ago and that just let me sleep after I grabbed my sketchbook and filled up a page with an almost mediumistic sketch. that was Vali Myers. this preparatory sketch was made yesterday morning, and during all day long I dedicated myself to the labor of attempting to represent that mesmerizing woman. when Julia Inglis introduced me to her, […]