work in progress

in progress: Lilith 2

preparatory sketch: penciling and first washes: background and first glazings: model is my new “stunner”, Belinda Leopold (besides being a talented photographer, she is also a true beauty!)

In progress: Vali 2

trying to redeem myself from the Tree of Life fiasco, i decided to forget it for a while and catch up with my list of projects. there was something disturbing me a couple nights ago and that just let me sleep after I grabbed my sketchbook and filled up a page with an almost mediumistic sketch. that was Vali Myers. this preparatory sketch was made yesterday morning, and during all day long I dedicated myself to the labor of attempting to represent that mesmerizing woman. when Julia Inglis introduced me to her, […]

starting the year off 2

I hope your New Year had started well, folks. although I think that changes must happen everyday, I end up sharing the feeling of fresh start with others and I’m here shining with plans and optimism for 2010. and a lot of energy to work and make things happen. I began the year with 2 short term plans in mind: losing the Christmas weight (too much cheesecake, eggnog and all those amazing seasonal beers) + organizing my emails and messages and stop procrastinating. the first plan is doing well and […]