work in progress

more experimentation. 2

Study for a woman’s head, work in progress in mixed media – watercolor, gouache, pencil and colored pencil. something seemed wrong in my last experiments (Waving my Heart and The Fallen One) , and I was struggling to find out what it was. then today, working on this study, I realized that it was turning out different and more vivid than the other ones. since I am now working building the figures on a finished abstract background, all I had to do was to lighten up the figures so they […]

daily drug 3

in progress: The Fallen One my daily drug has been the work in the new approach of painting, which has opened new doors when it comes to inspiration, but also closed others. as the work has become slightly expressionist, it seems that some of the more clean and graphical elements I used are not matching the painting anymore, and now I am in the search of solutions to represent certain subjects. it’s not easy, although is very stimulating and enriching. the idea now is to produce some small works until […]

experimenting 4

I finally could relax last weekend after dropping off 8 paintings at Common Grounds. I couldn’t stay longer to see the paintings hanging on the walls, but I may come by sometime to see how they look like, and also to take a look at the other artists’ work. here’s how they look framed – I did all the job: if you live in the Lexington area, come by to check them out. they will be displayed up to September 12th. + Serpentarium is one of the paintings I wanted […]

work in progress: The Calling 3

feeling a little handicapped since my laptop cable broke inside. no way to use it until the new cable arrives, what may happen next week. I can’t access my softwares and reference pictures and other important stuff for a while. fortunately I have the family desktop available at least to read and answer emails. but as there are bad things that come for good (pretty much all of them, I’d say,) I can now catch up with my readings and give some deserved rest to my poor eyes, that have […]

Tree of Life – how a painting is born : bringing the painting to life 1

well, I must confess I am not being able to match the rhythm of the making of Tree of Life with my blogging. the painting is somewhat advanced now and on the blog it barely received the underpainting! so now let’s try to catch up. after the first underpainting I realize that the tree has no masculine elements, which is a very necessary thing to create life. first I think about drawing penises confounding with the branches, but I find that horns would be more symbolic and elegant. after all, […]