work in progress

the Divine is naked. 1

now I guess I can show the very beginning of my new creative effort, a project I’ve been cherished for a while, and that I decided to call The Waterman. I told my husband the other night: “I want to paint Jesus naked.” he just responded, after some of his characteristic little jokes, “just go ahead, my dear. you have my support.” I had confessed him that I had some apprehensions about it. not really religious ones, since I am not a Christian and I do not worship deities, but […]

starting new artwork, in spite of some dark clouds

these have been strange days of lethargy and sickness around the house. first baby, then me, then my husband. according to my researches on the symptoms, it seems like a “family” gastroenteritis. I still feel nauseous and weak. baby looks better, my husband doesn’t seem very fine yet. I was working in my new piece yesterday when I started to feel real bad and had to leave the board. freaky. my new work is called The Waterman and it is intended to be a triptych. I wish I could get […]

do it yourself: photo references 3

most times, figurative artists need good human body references for their paintings and drawings. having a live model is just awesome, but when you cannot afford one, a fair photograph do the trick. and when you don’t have photographs available (and you don’t want to use that one you found on the web without permission, do you?), what do you do? well, in my case, I just apply some foundation on my face, put on a funny head band that keep my hair off my face, set up my home […]

the scream is finished… but not totally here yet 2

I finally finished The Scream today. as I was not able to scan it, I’m posting the last pics from the process.  I really liked the way the top of the picture came out. the red stripe with white flowers in the black hair, on a warm colors background (not visible in details here) sort of look like Japanese art, which I enjoy very much. that was not my intention tough, but probably I’ll start doing more things in the same style.